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Michael Torchia’s concierge team is dedicated to providing you with the finest services personally and professionally.

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Transform yourself into a lean machine and be better prepared for your demanding career.


If you work hard to maintain a work-life balance, hiring a personal assistant to manage your daily life will allow for more time with your family.


Drive a Lamborghini Aventador on a high-performance racetrack with a professional race car driver.


Take a lesson from one of the best in the game. We have access to elite sports trainers and professionals.


Get tickets to a sold-out concert or to exclusive events like the Oscars or the hottest awards shows live.


Our personal chefs have prepared meals for some of the worlds most demanding palettes.

Movie Star Makeovers


– Kim Cattrall

“Mike helped me rehabilitate my bad back and get me in great shape for Sex in the City.”

– Kevin Spacey

“Michael helped me lose 30 lbs and build 20 lbs of muscle for American Beauty.”


– Matt Damon

“Michael helped me become a lean, mean, fighting machine for lhe Bourne Identity.”

Michael Torchia’s Beverly Hills Concierge Service takes luxury living to a whole new level.

We are an elite concierge company that can fulfill the client’s needs and demands well beyond their expectations. We have used our years of experience establishing relationships with the finest experts to give our clients the best services and VIP treatment.

Our elite team of experts is available to travel anywhere in the world and we can handle all your requests.

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