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About Us

Michael Torchia’s Beverly Hills Concierge Service is a worldwide luxury lifestyle management company, catering to the most elite clientele. We are the preferred service of those with the means to enjoy life’s luxuries that also desire more time to experience them. After years of giving his support and expertise on a “one on one” level to such celebrities as Al Pacino, Matt Damon, Kim Cattrall and Kevin Spacey, Michael Torchia felt it was time to expand his services..

Beverly Hills Concierge Service is available to assist you 24/7 with all your personal and professional needs.  We offer sports/fitness activities and wellness treatments to personal assistants, corporate retreats, event planning, private chefs, medical services, security, private jets, exotic cars, luxury home searches, dream experiences or simple errands. Michael Torchia’s expert concierge team, along with our vast supplier network, is an unparalleled asset in your life. No request is too big to handle; our multilingual team develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our clients needs at home and anywhere around the world. Our team prides itself on providing the highest level of service and promptly accommodating all of our client’s requests. We are dedicated to giving our clients their most valuable advantage – more time with less stress. We offer custom packages to accommodate different lifestyles and requirements.

The Beverly Hills Concierge Service provides innovative health and wellness programs designed to improve our client’s current state of health and prevent the onset of chronic disease by promoting overall wellness and helping them achieve a healthy weight. We offer a variety of à la Carte services, including Diagnostic Medical Checkups, Rejuvenation Treatments, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling and Physical Therapy.  Our health and wellness programs include luxury accommodations with our 5 star hospitality partners, a personal concierge, security team, private transport, sports and fitness activities. In addition, we custom design and install private and commercial gyms, wellness centers, and spa facilities and offer corporate health retreats.

Additional Services

  • Access to specialty services such as spiritual needs, as well as other personal needs such as: gourmet food delivery, nannies, teachers, translators, personal shoppers and pet sitters.
  • Destination management for short and long term housing arrangements for multi-family or single-family residential
  • Luxury transportation resources including private jets, exotic cars and limousines
  • Personal security, armed guards and security vehicles

We offer clients the option of paying for our services by an hourly rate, or we can create custom lifestyle management packages, which can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

To enquire about our hourly rates and custom packages, please contact:

Michael Torchia

Elite Training


A specialized program for transforming high profile clients for their demanding careers.

Sports Pros


Professional athletes are available to help you get your body and your game back on track.


Schedule an appointment with a certified nutritionist and get your health and body back on track today!

Medical Services

Our medical teams offer a range of specialists who can assist you in obtaining optimum health.