Michael Torchia is the definitive, cutting-edge lifestyle concierge and health expert

Michael TorchiaMichael Torchia is an elite concierge, renowned health expert, with a unique approach to integrating health and fitness into his client’s everyday routine. Michael’s well-structured approach helps motivate and improve self-esteem in a dynamic, inspiring way. His innovative programs are supported by descriptive fitness updates and essential nutrition guidelines for all those wanting to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Michael’s clientele include such famous names as Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and he is not just their personal trainer; his true passion is in helping improve the quality of their lives. Michael has spent more than 25 years of his life educating, motivating and inspiring people to lead healthier lives. Having suffered as an obese child himself, with incredible drive and determination he overcame his eating disorder and went on to become Teenage Mr. America, Mr. Collegiate USA, and Mr. California. This exemplifies that with proper guidance, learning good nutritional habits and the use of research-based professional training that if you can imagine it, it can become a reality. Michael and his team of experts are traveling around the world helping people create healthier lifestyles. His mission is to educate people worldwide on how they can help prevent and alleviate the epidemic of obesity and poor health. Michael works with health organizations and government agencies to help implement well-structured wellness programs around the world. And he works with some of the most influential child health advocates in the world, including the current U.S. Surgeon General and First Lady Michelle Obama, to promote proper nutrition and daily exercise among children across the nation.

In addition, Michael has established alliances with powerful politicians to create stringent regulations for food manufacturers and distributors. He is currently utilizing the star power of his elite clientele for fund raising events to finance his organization and to help make a significant turnaround in the obesity epidemic in the U.S. His goal is to eradicate this devastating problem by being pro-active and by using preventative measures. Michael truly believes the key to success is to properly educate both children and adults. The goal of Michael’s Global Initiative is to set new standards for health and wellness organizations throughout the United States and the World.

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